Class 17 Winner

Shown by Graci Kosiorek
Super Center x Mudcat

Reserve Champion Hamp Ewe
State Fair of Texas

Shown by Kreede Orum
Express Pass x Dot
Sold as Lot 620 – Nugget All-American in Reno

Grand Champion Market Lamb
Arizona State Fair

Shown by Dru Karvoski
Express Pass x Milestone

Grand Champion Ewe
Summer Slam (AZ) Day 2
Reserve Grand Champion Ewe
Arizona State Fair
Summer Slam (AZ) Day 1

Shown by Dru Karvoski
Sold as Lot 2 – Sept. 2016 Online Sale

Champion Div. 1 Market Lamb
Southeast Empire Livestock Show (GA)
Reserve Champion Div. 1 Market Lamb
Georgia National Fair

Shown by Victoria Wright
Placed by Jarrett Baldwin
Tater x Rango
Sold as Lot 1 – May 7 Online Sale

Reserve Champion 4-H Hamp
Nebraska State Fair
Reserve Grand Champion 4-H
Scotts Bluff Co. (NE)

Shown by Sydnee Strain
Sired by Express Pass
Sold as Lot 4 – Feb. 12 Online Sale

Champion 4-H Suffolk
Missouri State Fair

Shown by Rhett Pollard
Super Center x Milestone
Dam Sold as Lot 2 – Nov. 1 Online Bred Ewe Sale

Supreme Champion
Nevada Co. (CA)

Shown by Alex Brose
Express Pass x Mudcat
Sold as Lot 2 – April Online Sale

Grand Champion
Campbell Co. (WY)

Shown by Brodie Lesher
Express Pass x Automatic
Sold as Lot 14 – Feb. 26 Online Sale

Grand Champion
Niobrara Co. (WY)

Shown by Harlee Blair
Sired by Super Center
Sold as Lot 13 – Feb. 26 Online Sale

Reserve Grand Champion
Porter Co. Fair (IN)

Shown by Emma Rhodes
Tater x Milestone
Sold as Lot 9 – Feb. Online Sale

Grand Champion
Monroe City Fair (MO)
Reserve Grand Champion
Centralia Fair (MO)
Scotland Co. Jackpot (MO)
Shelby Co. Fair (MO)

Shown by Trace Greiman
Express Pass x Wyoming Driller
Sold as Lot 10 – Feb. Online Sale

4th Overall
Double Down Lamb Jackpot (UT)

Shown by Hadlee Owens
Tater x Dot

Grand Champion 
Hawkins Co. (TN)

Shown by Gordon Moncier
Sired by Rango
Sold as Lot 6 – Feb. Online Sale

Overall Champion Market Lamb
Mercer Co. Open Show Day 1 & 2 (ND)
Grand Champion Market Ewe
Underwood Co. Fair (ND)
Reserve Champion Market Ewe
Ward Co. Shootout (ND)

Shown by Shayly Brew
Freebird x Mudcat
Sold as Lot 18 – Feb. Online Sale

Reserve Division 1
Western New York Preview Show

Shown by Graci Kosiorek
Express Pass x Diamond Eyes

Reserve Sr. Champion Crossbred Ewe
Reno Nugget All-American

Lunatic x Mudcat

Yearling Crossbred Class Winner
Reno Nugget All-American

Tater x Legend

Reserve Grand Champion
Heart of the Ozarks Preview Show (MO)

Shown by Conner Brown
Sired by Lunatic
Sold as Lot 6 – Dec.-Born Online Sale

Reserve Champion 4-H Market Lamb
Salinas Valley Fair (CA)

Shown by Hannah Nelson
Sired by Tater
Sold as Lot 3 – Fall-Born Online Sale

3rd Overall Market Lamb
Uintah Basin Jr. Livestock Show
5th Overall Market Lamb
Utah State Jr. Livestock Show

Shown by Hadlee Ownes
Sired by Express Pass
Sold as Lot 7 – Fall-Born Online Sale

Grand Champion
Brazos Co. (TX)

Shown by Reagan Thurman
Tater x Milestone

Supreme Champion Ewe
Mt. Hood Classic Jackpot Show
Reserve  Grand Champion
North Central WA Stock Show

Shown by Riley Holloway
Sired by Lunatic
Sold as Lot 10 – Fall-Born Online Sale

Grand Champion Ewe
Georgia National

Shown by Jordan Pritchett
Tater x Legend
Placed by Baldwin/Mikek

Grand Champion
Franklin Co. (GA)
Class Winner
Georgia National

Shown by Victoria Wright
Lunatic x Mudcat
Placed by Baldwin/Mikek

Class 1 Blackface 1st Place/Sale Qualifier
National Western Stock Show

Shown by Brayson Burch
Lunatic x Diamond Eyes
Sold as Lot 15 – Sept. Online Wether Sale

 Class 3 Blackface 2nd Place
National Western Stock Show

Shown by Lane Slaton
Rango x Mudcat
Sold at Lot 4 – Sept. Online Wether Sale