Our AI/ET facility was created to be low stress, comfortable and efficient. We always have plenty of well trained help lined up for our AI/ET days so we can get you back out on the road as quickly as you would like. Clients are experiencing great AI conception rates and really good ET success. If you have interest, contact us about hauling in to one of our 2022 AI/ET dates.

Burch Summer AI Dates
Burch AI Facility

Breeders Success

Reserve Heavyweight - Pistol Pete Classic

Reserve Heavyweight
2021 Pistol Pete Classic

Sired by Payback – Bred by Kershner
Champion Oxford - IN State Fair

Champion Oxford
2021 Indiana  State Fair

Sired by Freaky Friday – Bred by Riecke
Burch Winners

Class 23 Crossbred – 1st place
2020 Ohio Youth Livestock Expo

Sired by Stampede – Bred by Peel Club Lamb
Burch Winners

Reserve Lightweight
2020 NE State Fair – FFA

Sired by Payback  – Bred by T & B 

Reserve Middleweight
2019 Clay County District Fair, Iowa

Sired by Right On – Bred by Booth

2018 State Fair of Texas

Sired by County Line  – Bred by Kershner 

Fresh and frozen semen available on most of our buck line-up.

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