Micky Burch

The top end of our early January A.I. group sells Sunday, Feb. 25 at SC Online Sales. Sires represented include Free Bird, Right On, Fat Butt and Jackpot.


We flushed 20 of our best ewes for 2018; go to our Donors page to find out more about these matriarchs.


Go to our Bucks page to check out an exciting lineup of sires we used for the 2018 lamb crop.

The best of our December flush group, including wethers, ewes and one ram/wether option, sell Sunday, Feb. 11 at SC Online Sales. Lambs are sired by Heisman, Ali, Road Rage, Live Action, Bullseye, Jackpot, Right On, Sole Custody and Liquid Courage. Check out our For Sale page for our entire spring sale lineup.